Data Acquisition with Optimal Pulse Amplitude Estimation for a Neutrino Detection Experiment


Neutrino Detection
Online Signal Processing
Optimal Filtering


A data acquisition system for the Angra antineutrino detector is under development. The system is
able to digitize, to process and to store the analog signals coming from photomultiplier tubes (PMT), after the
front-end electronics. We present here the design of a VME-based data acquisition module which is part of
the Angra DAQ as well as the Muon Electronics in the Double Chooz experiment. This module features eight
analog-to-digital channels, running at 125 MHz sampling frequency. In order to measure time between PMT
pulses, an 82 ps time-to-digital converter is included. A Field Programmable Gate Array is used to implement
digital signal processing algorithms on the digitized data, where a FIR filter for optimal pulse amplitude estimation
has been implemented. The design and preliminary results with single-photoelectron measurements are