Toward an accurate determination of half-life of $^{147}$Sm isotope

Odilon Tavares, Maria Terranova


The task of an accurate determination of alpha-decay rate of 147Sm isotope, a topic of importance for both basic and applied science, has been faced in the present research following two different routes. First, a critical review and data analysis of the whole set of half-life-values obtained up today that yielded a value of (106.3 ± 0.5) Ga. Second, a one-parameter, semi-empirical model for alpha emission from nuclei, developed in the framework of the quantum mechanical tunneling mechanism through a Coulomb-plus-centrifugal-plus-overlapping potential barrier, that yielded a value of (108.2 ± 3.0) Ga. The good agreement found between the half-life values obtained from these procedures represents a net progress towards the assessment of a reliable 147Sm alpha-decay rate to be used in geo- and cosmo-chronological investigations.

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